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Social support and physical activity change in Latinas: Results from the <em>Seamos Saludables</em> trial.

Objective: Family responsibilities and poor social support are barriers to physical activity among Latinas. This study evaluated the effects of a home- and print-based intervention on social support,...

A systematic review of factors that contribute to nocebo effects.

Objectives: Medication side effects are common, often leading to reduced quality of life, nonadherence, and financial costs for health services. Many side effects are the result of a psychologically...

Temporal relationships between sleep and physical activity among breast cancer patients with insomnia.

Objective: The present study prospectively investigated the day-to-day bidirectional relationships between objective measures of sleep parameters and physical activity among breast cancer patients...

Effects of a randomized gratitude intervention on death-related fear of recurrence in breast cancer survivors.

Objective: Among the most prevalent and distressing concerns endorsed by breast cancer survivors is fear of cancer recurrence (FOR), and one of the most salient facets is the worry that a recurrence...

Brief psychological intervention in patients with cervical cancer: A randomized controlled trial.

Objectives: The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is considered a major life stress that has potential effects on one’s psychological well-being. This study investigated the possible benefits of a...

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American Cancer Society launches New Coaches vs. Cancer® Brand Campaign 'Come and Play For Us' Theme

First-ever TV campaign featuring well-known Division I college basketball coaches part of brand relaunch

Ambassador Sally Cowal Elected to 2016-2018 UICC Board of Directors

Cowal Serves as the Vice President of Global Cancer Control for the American Cancer Society

Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas Reveals Recent Testicular Cancer Battle, Releases The Fight to Support the American Cancer Society

Proceeds from each iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon song download will benefit the fight against cancer

Delayed Gratification Associated with Fast Food Frequency

Study may hold clues to potential interventions to improve healthy food choices