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Self-efficacy, planning, and drink driving: Applying the health action process approach.

Objective: This study examines the constructs from the health action process approach (HAPA) theoretical model (Schwarzer, 1992) on future drink driving avoidance by first time drink driving...

Alcohol interventions for Greek letter organizations: A systematic review and meta-analysis, 1987 to 2014.

Objective: This meta-analysis examines the efficacy of interventions to reduce alcohol consumption and related problems among college student members of Greek letter organizations. Method: Studies...

The effect of self-efficacy on behavior and weight in a behavioral weight-loss intervention.

Objective: To determine whether eating self-efficacy (ESE) and physical activity self-efficacy (PASE) are predictive of dietary intake, physical activity, and weight change within a behavioral...

The relation of questionnaire and performance-based measures of executive functioning with Type 1 diabetes outcomes among late adolescents.

Objective: Successfully managing Type 1 diabetes involves adherence to a complex daily medical regimen, requiring self-regulatory skills that rely on neurocognitive processes known as executive...

Partner violence, power, and gender differences in South African adolescents’ HIV/sexually transmitted infections risk behaviors.

Objectives: Low relationship power and victimization by intimate partner violence (IPV) have been linked to HIV risks among adult and adolescent women. This article examines associations of IPV and...

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American Cancer Society Seeks Members of the Public for Stakeholder Program

People with personal experience with cancer help inform research grant selections

American Cancer Society Endorses HPV Vaccine Recommendations from CDC

Updated Guideline Recommends Vaccinating Males and Females at Ages 11 to 12

Public Health Landmark Achieved as 80% by 2018 Colorectal Cancer Screening Campaign Reaches 1,000th Pledge

Nationwide Effort Could Prevent 277,000 Colorectal Cancer Cases and 203,000 Deaths by 2030

Top 5 reasons people don’t get screened for colorectal cancer

American Cancer Society, Anthem Foundation tackle testing obstacles