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The roles of negative affect and goal adjustment capacities in breast cancer survivors: Associations with physical activity and diurnal cortisol secretion.

Objective: This study examined whether within-person changes of breast cancer survivors’ high-arousal negative affect (e.g., feeling scared, upset, anxious, or guilty) could predict high levels of...

Expectations for antibiotics increase their prescribing: Causal evidence about localized impact.

Objective: Clinically irrelevant but psychologically important factors such as patients’ expectations for antibiotics encourage overprescribing. We aimed to (a) provide missing causal evidence of...

Self-affirmation increases defensiveness toward health risk information among those experiencing negative emotions: Results from two national samples.

Objective: Self-affirmation can promote health behavior change and yield long-term improvements in health via its effect on receptiveness to risk information in behavior change interventions. Across 2...

Web-based distress management for implantable cardioverter defibrillator patients: A randomized controlled trial.

Objective: Sudden cardiac arrest caused by cardiac arrhythmias is 1 of the leading causes of death worldwide. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) are considered as standard care for...

Does real time variability in inhibitory control drive snacking behavior? An intensive longitudinal study.

Objective: Laboratory eating studies and cross-sectional surveys indicate individuals with inefficient executive function (EF) consume more unhealthy snacks than others. However, the importance of EF...

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Proportion of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgery to Remove Unaffected Breast Varies Greatly by State

Nearly half of young women in five states with early-stage cancer in one breast undergo surgery for unaffected breast

Health coalition forms National Lung Cancer Roundtable to increase screening and reduce lung cancer deaths

AstraZeneca-supported effort aims to improve early detection of lung cancer and ensure quality care for all stages of the disease

Testing for Hepatitis C Virus Remains Low among Baby Boomers

Two years after recommendations, only a small percentage have been tested

American Cancer Society Celebrates Young Scholars Joining All of Me Projects in Latin America to Support a New Generation of Women's Health Advocates

Organizations in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia Awarded Funds to Recruit, Select and Mentor Young Public Health Scholars